Social Sciences

“A career in social science can be a rewarding way to put study into practice. Opportunities in this career path include positions that use research and data to understand and improve society. Many of the top careers in social science are also expected to grow faster than average in the next ten years due to the need for qualified individuals to analyze data and trends.”
The Social Science option may be attractive to those students who are undecided about which area within the social sciences and/or related field at the Associate Level they want to commit to, thus giving them the opportunity to explore courses both within and outside of the Social Sciences.

Current Course Offerings:
(General, Abnormal, Child, Adolescent, Human Growth and Development, Social Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Psychology of Personality, Statistics for Psychology and Social Sciences, Applied Psychology)
Sociology (Principles, Criminology, Victimology, Race & Ethnicity, Deviance, Family and Community, Social Problems)
Economics (Micro, Macro, Health)
Human Geography
World Religions
Film and Society

Careers in the Social Sciences (The following is a sample listing):
Auditor, Teacher or ProfessorHuman Resource Specialist
Case ManagerIndustrial Sociologist
Child Care WorkerLaboratory Assistant
Community Relations OfficerMarket Research Analyst
CorrectionalOpinion Pollster
CriminologistProbation and Parole Officer
DemographerPsychiatric Assistant
Forensic Treatment SpecialistResearcher
Government agencies at all levelsResidential Care Staff
Health EducatorStatistician
Economist: Financial Analyst,
Financial Reporter, Investment Analyst,
Consultant (business or government)
Victims’ Advocate

Liberal Arts Transfer - Psychology Option
Associate Degree

Take you first step toward a Bachelor’s Degree and/or Master’s Degree.

Who might be interested?
The Liberal Arts Transfer - Social Science and the Liberal Arts Transfer – Psychology option was developed primarily for students who want to transfer into a 4-year major/minor in the social sciences; anthropology, economics, geography, religion, psychology, sociology and/or other related fields.

The Psychology option is for students who have decided to major in Psychology, and want to pursue fields related to Psychology. 

These options also carries marketing appeal for students looking to work in related fields while they are pursuing their degrees, as coursework in relevant fields are made available.

Contact the Admissions office or talk to an Admission Counselor for more information.