Biology Course Outcomes & Syllabi

The Biology Department has developed a set of Course Outcomes for each course offered by the department. The first and third columns are of most value to the students. The individual outcomes listed in the first column answer the question: What must the learner know and be able to do at the end of the course? Items in the third column should answer the question: How do we know? The second column is related to pedagogy.

CourseTitleOutcomesSample Syllabi
BIOL115Survey of Human Form & FunctionDownloadDownload
BIOL119Introduction to Evolutionary BiologyDownload 
BIOL121Biological Principles IDownloadDownload
BIOL122Biological Principles IIDownload 
BIOL136Human GeneticsDownloadDownload
BIOL137Human Genetics LabDownloadDownload
BIOL138Intro to Human Nutrition LectureDownloadDownload
BIOL139Intro to Human Nutrition LabDownloadDownload
BIOL140Introductory BiologyDownloadDownload
BIOL141Introduction to Marine BiologyDownloadDownload
BIOL142Laboratory for Introductory BiologyDownloadDownload
BIOL143Introduction to Environmental ScienceDownloadDownload
BIOL144The Natural Resources of Coastal New EnglandDownload 
BIOL201Anatomy & Physiology IDownloadDownload
BIOL202Anatomy & Physiology IIDownloadDownload
BIOL205Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology IDownload 
BIOL206Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology IIDownload 
BIOL234Cellular BiologyDownload 
BIOL235Topics in Molecular Biology TechniquesDownload 
BIOL240Seminar in BiotechnologyDownload