Mathematics Course Outcomes & Syllabi

At Massasoit Community College we have created an outcomes matrix for many of our courses. It is designed to give one a listing of what are the outcomes we expect for a course, how they will be done, and how we will measure the success of a student's acquiring these outcomes.  

(All documents on this page are in the PDF format and open in a new window.)

CourseTitleOutcomesSample Syllabi 
MATH001Preparation for College Math IDownloadDownload
MATH002Preparation for College Math IIDownloadDownload 
MATH003Preparation for College Math IIIDownloadDownload 
MATH010Fundamentals of MathDownloadDownload 
MATH060Mathematical Literacy for College StudentsDownloadDownload
MATH101Introductory AlgebraDownloadDownload 
MATH112Intermediate AlgebraDownloadDownload 
MATH115Contemporary MathematicsDownloadDownload
MATH116Mathematical Experiences for Early Childhood EducatorsDownloadDownload 
MATH121Topics in Mathematics IDownloadDownload 
MATH122Topics in Mathematics IIDownloadDownload
MATH127Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IDownloadDownload 
MATH128Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IIDownloadDownload 
MATH131Introduction to StatisticsDownloadDownload
MATH141Technical Mathematics IDownloadDownload
MATH142Technical Mathematics IIDownloadDownload
MATH203College AlgebraDownloadDownload
MATH221Calculus IDownloadDownload
MATH222Calculus IIDownloadDownload
MATH223Calculus IIIDownloadDownload
MATH230Differential EquationsDownloadDownload