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Gateway to College

Gateway to College is an early college high school program that gives students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma while progressing toward a college degree or certificate. Students are enrolled in both the school district and the college, although all educational and other activities take place on the college campus.

Gateway to College students learn how to succeed in an independent learning environment under the guidance of resource specialists and a caring team of instructors. Because the program is offered on a college campus, students respond well to the academic and behavior expectations of the college environment. Gateway to College courses are offered in the morning and the afternoon, thus providing much needed flexibility for working students, students with children, or those balancing multiple obligations. Students receive a high school diploma from the school district in which they live.

Who are our students?

Gateway to College serves young people between 15 and 21 years old, many of whom believe that a traditional high school setting is not the right fit. Others have left high school or are on the verge of leaving before graduation; or are behind in high school credits to graduate with their designated class; they are ready and willing to work hard to be successful in the program. They are a diverse group facing many challenges. Our students include foster youth, adjudicated youth, teen parents, students who need a flexible schedule to accommodate work or family responsibilities, and young people recovering from homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and abuse.

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