Division of Academic Affairs

Dr. Barbara McCarthy, Vice President of Academic Affairs, x1900
Dr. Deanna Yameen, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, x 1902

Buckley Performing Arts Center
Mark Rocheteau, x1982

Business & Technology
Donna Wright, Interim Division Dean,

Business Administration
Rob Peterson, x1613

Computer Technology &
Information Management
Peter Meggison, x1701

Culinary Arts
Paul Weeden, x1697

Online Learning
Jesse Schreier, x1614

Center for Experiential
Patricia Lynch, x1018

Corporate &
Community Education
Rose Paquette, Division Dean, x1307

Adult Basic Education
Linda Aspinwall, x1301

Community Education
Center for Lifelong Learning
Kelley Tilden, x1310

Corporate Education
Maryellen Brett, x1302

Emergent Technologies
Carine Sauvignon, Division Dean, x2107

Architectural Technology
Robyn Parker, x2528

Diesel Technology
Thomas Kearns, x2125

Engineering Technology
Lawrence Wasko, x2639

Visual Arts
Linda Dunn, x2905

Gateway to College
Christina Alves, x1687

Humanities/Fine Arts
Rita Jones-Hyde, Interim Division Dean, x1810

Media Arts – Speech, Media,
and Fine Arts: Theater, Music, Dance
Robert Bowers, x1906

Developmental Coordinator
Tracey Schaub, x1830

Leigh Bennett, Chair, x1910

ESL Coordinator
Susan Hall, x1827

Joe Harris, x1891

Modern Languages
Robin Peery, Chair, x1815



Digital Media Arts Center
Ed Krasnow, x1981

Patricia Naughton, x1944

Middleborough Center
Douglas J.D. Walo, Dean, x4001

Nursing/Allied Health
Anne Scalzo-McNeil, Division Dean, x1750

Dental Assistant
Judith Shannon, x2754

Medical Assistant
Linda Dente, x2601

Nursing Education
Maureen McDonald, x1773

Radiologic Technology
Anthony Kapadoukakis, x1784

Respiratory Care
Martha DeSilva, x1787

Jetta Schifone, x2638

Public Service/Social Science
Karyn Boutin, Division Dean, x1903

Early Childhood Education & Administration
Karyn Boutin, Division Dean, x1903

Criminal Justice
Henry DiCarlo, x1917

Elementary Education
Sawsan Zahara, Chair, x1700

Fire Science Technology
Antonio Gomes, x1911 & x1928

Paul Chiano, x1919

Human Services
Glen Prospere, x1760

Paramedic Program
Scott Meagher, x1702

Social Science
Christopher Galante, x1920

Science & Mathematics
Douglas Brown, Division Dean, x1608

William Hanna, x1626

Alex Cotter, x1654

Physical Science
Kendra Twomey, x1655

Veterinary Technology
Silvia Coviello, x2380