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The Business Administration Department offers a variety of learning options for students at Massasoit Community College. The Business Career curriculums can provide a gateway into the workplace for students seeking immediate career opportunities. The Accounting Option can lead to a career as a CPA. The Marketing Option explores the workplace as it relates to sales, retailing and advertising. The Hospitality Management Option can prepare the student for employment in the rapidly expanding hotel and restaurant industry. The Management Option provides a pathway toward entry level managerial positions. For those who are unsure of their precise workplace goals, the Business Administration Careers Option allows a student to sample a variety of business courses in order to determine their own unique area of interest.


  1. The student will be able to identify, locate and evaluate relevant data with regard to solving specific business problems. (Information Literacy)
  2. The student will demonstrate the ability to use effective written and verbal communication skills and apply these skills to a variety of business-related tasks and settings. (Written and Oral Communication)
  3. The student will be able to evaluate and interpret data, think logically and apply quantitative methods in making business decisions. (Quantitative Literacy)
  4. The student will demonstrate an awareness of the global environment and the role it plays in the success of a business. (Global Learning)
  5. The student will demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in evaluating and analyzing information and exploring innovative solutions to solve problems and make business decisions. (Critical and Creative Thinking)
  6. The student will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be an active participant in the community and the ability to engage in activities that contribute to the community. (Civic Engagement)
  7. The student will demonstrate the ability to connect knowledge and skills across the curriculum and to apply that knowledge in academic and professional settings. (Integrated Learning)
  8. The student will demonstrate the skills to act professionally, ethically and responsibly in the workplace with the interests of the larger community in mind. (Civic Engagement)
  9. The student will demonstrate the skills to be able to work collaboratively and respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds. (Global Learning)

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For students looking for a cost effective, high quality education that leads to a four year degree, the Business Administration Transfer option is a highly effective course of study. The BAT option is recognized by all Massachusetts State Colleges and Universities.

With a highly respected faculty and multiple program options, the Business Department at Massasoit Community College is able to meet the diverse and constantly changing needs of our students.

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Did you know?
The Business Department offers a variety of unique transfer opportunities. Please visit the Massasoit Transfer Services Transfer Agreements page to view the exciting private college agreements we have from Bay State College Taunton Campus to Bryant University, Eastern Nazarene College and more!

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MassTransfer is a statewide transfer program that provides Community College students the ability to transfer to a Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts System.

There is a Business Club for students who want to become more involved in learning about career opportunities and participating in activities to further their business skill set.

The Business Department offers many courses online. These courses provides today’s student with more learning options and the ability to create a truly flexible class schedule!