Computer Technology

The Computer Technology and Information Management (CTIM) Department at Massasoit Community College offers a highly successful array of programs to prepare its graduates for career advancement opportunities in the computer and information technologies fields.


The Associate of Applied Science Degree Program in Computer Information Systems  will:

  1. prepare students for a diverse, interesting, challenging, and productive career in today’s information technology environment
  2. maintain the standards of, and be consistent with, the mission of the College in providing high-quality, occupational preparation
  3. provide current, quality, and relevant computer-based courses and learning experiences
  4. meet the challenge of providing skills demanded by the rapidly changing technological environment
  5. inculcate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the students’ learning experiences
  6. provide the first two years of education for students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related area at a four-year (transfer) institution
  7. expose students to the mobile career opportunities available in modern business and to show them how they can move from entry-level positions into managerial positions
  8. teach information technology (IT) practices and procedures to students desiring to assume responsible positions in various types of businesses including government, high-tech firms, law firms, manufacturing, and health care fields
  9. develop specific IT skills needed in a variety of businesses (programming, computer applications, communication, customer/user support)


Computer Science Transfer

Transfer Academic Map (PDF)
The Computer Science Transfer Option (Associate in Science) is aligned to enable students to enter into a 4-year college or university as juniors so they are able to complete their program of study in two years.