Culinary Arts

Welcome to The Culinary & Hospitality Program. The Culinary Arts Program at Massasoit prepares students to enter the diverse and exciting field of food service. A field work experience requirement obliges the student to have a minimum of 240 hours of paid/non-paid experience in a food-service establishment, thus giving him/her the practical knowledge necessary to supplement his/her studies. The curriculum for Culinary Arts requires courses in a wide variety of subject areas as well as at least fifteen Culinary Arts courses. All Culinary Arts students are required to adhere to a dress code, and provide and care for their own uniforms.


The Culinary Arts curriculum at Massasoit is designed to provide students with a variety of entry-level culinary skills, enabling them to enter a position in any area of the food service field that they desire.  The associate degree curriculum provides them with a well-rounded foundation of both pastry and savory food experiences.

Following these outcomes, graduates of the program are able to adjust to any food service operation.  The faculty of the Culinary Arts Program is committed to helping all students in attaining their culinary goals.

  • To develop-entry level skills that will enable students to secure gainful employment in the food service industry.
  • To develop the qualities needed to become successful at the art of being a chef such as stamina, dexterity, food preparation and presentation, food safety and proper use of chef’s tools.
  • To enable students to acquire any new skills in food design and preparation that are needed to succeed in the field.
  • To develop the ability to multi-task in stressful situations in order to redirect and make decisions on a moment’s notice.
  • To become familiar with purchasing, inventory and cost controls, front of the house operations, and the basic principles involved within these tasks.
  • To develop a personal sense of professionalism that will enable the student to have the confidence to understand and maintain the highest standards needed for working in the food service industry.

What's New?

Massasoit’s Culinary Arts Department continues to offer selected culinary arts classes on Saturday, Sunday and/or during weekday evenings.  Selection and availability are determined by program requirements and student enrollments. In addition traditional core classes such as English and Math can be taken on Friday evenings or online during the semester. This format allows students the flexibility to take a variety of courses during the week as well as on the weekends (in order to earn their degree in Culinary Arts). (optional)

Upon completion of this program, the student will be prepared for any entry level cooking or baking position, with endless possibilities for growth in the future. If the suggested course outline is followed, the student will be able to complete this program in as little as two years. 


Business Administration Careers / Hospitality Management Option

The Business Administration Careers (BAC) Program has been designed to allow and encourage the acquisition of specific skills which will enable the student to enter and perform successfully in a wide variety of career paths within business. The student will attain focus in his or her studies by concentrating in a sequence of courses collectively referred to as an "Option."

Pastry / College-Approved Certificate Program

The Pastry Certificate is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary to assist in pastry shops, restaurants, and many other industry institutions. Completion of the coursework in two semesters will award the student with a College-Approved certificate.

The student will receive their ServSafe certification upon successfully passing the National Certification exam, which indicates to future employers that the student has the knowledge and capabilities to maintain the sanitation standards as dictated by the National Restaurant Association.

Students can proceed toward a degree in Culinary Arts upon completion of this certificate, if they so desire.

Food Production / College-Approved Certificate Program

Completion of the coursework for the first two semesters of this program provides the students with a College-Approved certificate indicating that the student has been provided with the background necessary to establish and maintain sanitation standards for foodservice operations under the National Certification guidelines, as well as assist in the day-to-day kitchen operation of any institution.

Students can proceed toward a degree in Culinary Arts upon completion of this certificate if they so desire.