Emergent Technologies


The Emergent Technologies Division provides the education, training and skills necessary for employment in the technical business trades. The term “Emergent Technologies” refers to those technologies where the continuous advances and fast paced changes in today’s technologies require a constant retooling of the skills and education of the workforce. The curricula and courses within the Emergent Technologies Division at Massasoit are constantly evolving to keep up with these ongoing developments and advances.

The programs in this Division are designed for all individuals regardless of background. Students in Emergent Technologies programs will receive distinctive and rigorous action-based learning experience.

Division Goals:

  • Provide an educational experience that prepares our students to be leaders:
    Students will be engaged in student-centered programs which ensure that graduates are accomplished in technical expertise, business practices, industrial management, teaming, communication and leadership skills, and lifelong learning. State-of-the-art laboratory facilities will ensure that applied, experiential learning is exceptional.
  • Increase diversity, inclusion, and access to foster excellence:
    A diverse faculty and student body enable all students to interact with peers who have varied perspectives rooted in different backgrounds.
  • Build interdisciplinary collaborations that inspire innovation:
    Collaboration is not just within the College; our faculty regularly partner with business leaders and higher education institutions across the region to build internships and work based learning experiences, build opportunities for program expansions and seek funding for programming and structural improvements.
  • Create Industry and Community Partnerships to Increase Our Impact:
    We will respond to the growing industry need for skilled workers by increasing our enrollment at all levels – undergraduate, certification programs and develop partnerships with multiple stakeholders as a means of providing quality programs that fosters professional development in the technology field.