Theatre Arts Opportunities

Student Theatre Arts Representatives
S.T.A.R. (Student Theatre Arts Representatives) is a volunteer group of students and faculty dedicated to the development of arts education at Massasoit Community College. They strive to identify and address the theatre program’s needs, advising the Humanities and Fine Arts Division on initiatives to strengthen opportunities for our students. This includes hands on leadership in areas such as orientation, recruitment, fundraising, publicity, event management, extracurricular prospects, and resource development. 

Massasoit Theatre Company
In addition, to promote cultural opportunities and awareness for the college community and the MetroSouth community, the Fine Arts Dept. produces and promotes a performance series throughout the year that encompasses contemporary and classical music, dance and theatre, including a season of plays and musicals produced by the college-sponsored community theatre, The Massasoit Theatre Company. 

Practical Theatre Ensemble
P.T.E. (Practical Theatre Ensemble) is a place where we get to combine the theatrical skills we are learning in class, with the practical application of a rehearsal process. Truly an ensemble, we collaborate on a script, exploring acting, design, marketing, and stage management. 

A Performing Arts Club for students who want to become more involved in exploring arts opportunities and participating in activities to further their performance skill set.