Nurse Education Evening Options

There are two part-time evening cohort courses of study. These options mirror the day options, but are designed to provide a longer period of study time for those who value and desire the RN role. Both courses of study lead to an Associate of Science Degree and eligibility to take the NCLEX-RN.

The generic cohort option is for three years (six semesters). The LPN cohort option lasts for three semesters. LPN’s receive advanced placement if they graduated from an approved school of practical nursing, hold a current license to practice practical nursing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have successfully completed the required courses of the first three semesters. They receive credit for Nursing I, II, and III. LPN Graduates of Southeastern Regional, Blue Hills Technical, and Bristol Plymouth technical may be given transfer credit for the course of Human Growth and Development.

The evening nursing option does not receive state funding; therefore, all evening nursing courses must be self-supporting. The cost/credit of the evening nursing courses is approved by Massasoit’s Board of Trustees and subject to change.

Informational brochures area available in the Admissions Office.

Year 1
Semester OneCourseCredits
General Psychology 4PSYC1013
Anatomy and Physiology I 3*BIOL2014
Nursing I-E 2NURS2126
Semester TwoCourseCredits
English Composition I 1ENGL1013
Anatomy and Physiology II 3BIOL2024
Nursing III-E 2NURS2145
Year 2
Semester OneCourseCredits
English Comp IIENGL1023
Nursing II-E 2NURS2135
Liberal Arts Elective 3
Semester TwoCourseCredits
Nursing A 2NURS3046
Human Growth & Development 4PSYC1053
Year 3
Semester OneCourseCredits
Microbiology 3BIOL2314
Nursing B 2NURS3056
Semester TwoCourseCredits
Principles of SociologySOCI1043
Nursing TrendsNURS3071
Nursing C 2NURS3066

1 ENGL101 - A student, based on testing scores, may place out of English Composition I (ENGL101) and substitute any college-level writing course in its
place. This is also the case if a student placed into an equivalent to ENGL102 at another school and was not required to take their ENGL101 equivalent.
Currently there are only three options for replacement: ENGL107 Technical Writing; ENGL119 Creative Writing; JOUR120 Newspaper Journalism

2 A grade of 78 or better is needed for completion.

3 Biological Principles I (BIOL121) (4 credits) is not required by the nursing program. It is, however, a prerequisite for Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology at Massasoit Community College. When a student takes this course it fulfills the liberal arts elective requirement in the program. The prerequisite may also be met by a Challenge of Biological Principles Examination arranged by the Testing and Assessment Office with the permission of the Biology Department.

4 Graduates of Southeastern Regional, Blue Hills Technical School LPN Programs are given transfer credit for this course depending on the year. 

* These courses must be taken prior to or concurrently with the nursing courses listed for each semester. Please see College Catalog for prerequisites to all courses.

The mathematics competency required for graduation may be fulfilled by passing intermediate Algebra & Trigonometry with a C- or by passing the computerized placement test with a score of 72 or higher. 

Transfer credit granted by Registrar.