Physical Science Course Outcomes & Syllabi

The Physical Science Department has developed a set of Course Outcomes for each course offered by the department. The first and third columns are of most value to the students. The individual outcomes listed in the first column answer the question: What must the learner know and be able to do at the end of the course? Items in the third column should answer the question: How do we know? The second column is related to pedagogy.

The Physical Science Department has developed a set of Sample Syllabi for each course offered by the department.

[All documents on this page are in the PDF format.]

CHEM131Survey of ChemistryDownloadDownloadDownload 
CHEM151General Chemistry IDownloadDownload  
CHEM152General Chemistry IIDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
CHEM153Forensic ChemistryDownload   
CHEM201Organic Chemistry IDownloadDownloadDownload 
CHEM202Organic Chemistry IIDownloadDownloadDownload 
ESCI121Geology IDownload Download  
ESCI124Physical Ocean EnvironmentDownload   
PHYS113The Science of MusicDownload   
PHYS114Survey of AstronomyDownload   
PHYS120Science of Fire Behavior and CombustionDownload
PHYS131Survey of PhysicsDownload   
PHYS132Concepts of Technical PhysicsDownload   
PHYS133Concepts of Technical Physics IIDownload   
PHYS151College Physics IDownload   
PHYS152College Physics IIDownload   
PHYS161General Physics IDownload   
PHYS162General Physics IIDownload