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Commonwealth Honors Courses

English Composition II Honors
An enhanced version of the required second-tier writing course, providing motivated students with creative opportunities for class discussion and special projects.

The Honors Seminar: Ethical Dilemmas and Other Special Topics
A seminar centered on student involvement, providing guest faculty in a variety of subject areas and culminating in a project designed by the student.

Honors Project Courses
Independent learning projects attached to any 3 or more credit course as approved by Division Dean and featuring regular individual meetings with a sponsoring instructor.

Students may take individual Honors courses or work to complete the entire program.

Eligibility and Admission
Students are generally identified in their English Composition I classes, but any matriculated student who carries a GPA of 3.2 or better, or who receives permission from the Program Coordinators, may be admitted. Admission normally comes after completion of 12 college credits, but exceptions are made for highly motivated students.

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete English Composition II Honors*, the Honors Seminar and a third, three or more credit Honors course, with a grade of B+ or better in each Honors course, and a general GPA of 3.2 or higher.

*Students who enter the program after completing English Composition II with a minimum grade of B+ may substitute an Honors project attached to a 200 level or above literature course.