ESL Testing

A student's ability to understand the English language is tested in 4 different areas. The student is assessed in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

ESL placement test button

The tests are approximately thirty minutes in duration and are administered by the ESL faculty at Massasoit. Except for Transitional ESL, these courses carry three credits and can be used for a general, liberal arts, or humanities elective. Results of the test are given back immediately.

Massasoit’s ESL courses are advanced college-level courses. Potential students whose first language is not English must be assessed for English as a Second Language rather than for Introduction to Writing, English Composition, or Preparing for College Reading.  Students must register for an ESL evaluation.  Students will be placed in College ESL courses, if appropriate.

Students desiring financial aid assistance must be accepted into a program of study (matriculated), and carry at least 6 credits each semester.  We recommend students apply at least 2 months in advance of the beginning of the semester, and earlier, whenever possible. 

Students not ready for Massasoit’s college-level ESL classes will be directed to alternative programs for further development of English skills.  
Please call extension 1790 to request an appointment for an ESL evaluation.

*By appointment only on both campuses.