Information for Employers

What is an internship?
An internship is an educational experience in which a student works in a position related to his or her career interests and, through observation and reflection, links that work experience to classroom learning.

What are the benefits of hosting a student intern at my organization?
Hosting a student intern at your organization will enable you to

  • Train your future workforce: Hosting an intern is cost-effective way to train potential employees and ensure a pipeline of quality entry-level candidates for your organization. 
  • Recruit with low risk: An internship is essentially a long-term job interview or trial employment period, yet you assume no commitment to hire a student intern at any point. 
  • Fill short-term staffing needs: Interns can work during peak periods to assist with projects and enable your staff to focus on advanced work or increase productivity. 
  • Develop your staff: Supervising a student intern enables your staff to gain experience in supervision, training, and project management. 
  • Stay current: Student interns bring fresh ideas and current technology skills to an organization. 
  • Share your expertise: Serve as a professional mentor to a college student.
  • Contribute to your community: Build a visible partnership with the college and contribute to local students’ education and training.

How will my organization find an intern?
Email our internship coordinator, Tuuli McElroy, or call 508-588-9100 x1020
You may also submit internship opportunities HERE.

What are the requirements to be an internship host site?
All Massasoit CEL internships must be approved by Massasoit’s internship coordinator or a Massasoit faculty advisor. A Massasoit internship host site must be a corporation, a limited liability partnership (L.L.P.), a not-for-profit [501(c)(3)] organization, a government agency or an educational institution.

Organizations who recruit Massasoit student interns must agree that no qualified student shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, maternity leave, or national origin. They further agree to provide the intern a working environment free from sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination.

Massasoit’s Internship Policy is available here.

What are my responsibilities as an internship host?
An internship host site is responsible to provide the following:

  • Professional experience that relates to the student's career interests 
  • A minimum of 64 hours of work for a non-credit internship and 135 hours for a 3 credit internship during the course of a semester
  • A safe, professional environment with a dedicated work space
  • Continuous supervision by an on-site professional

Answers to frequently asked questions for employers about internships at Massasoit are available here.