Completion of the coursework for the first two semesters of this program provides the students with a College-Approved certificate.  Courses completed in this certificate also meet requirements in the Culinary Arts associate degree.

The Pastry Certificate enables students to:

  • Practice the skills necessary to assist in pastry shops, restaurants, and related departments in industry institutions;
  • Establish and maintain sanitation standards for service operations under the National Certification guidelines;
  • Produce accurate food computations and demonstrate an understanding of weights and measures;
  • Become proficient in baking techniques, processes, methods and ingredients used to prepare yeast breads, quick breads, various types of cookies and cakes, meringues, creams and custards, and dessert sauces;
  • Prepare pastries and desserts, pate choux and puff pastry, a variety of fillings, and hot and cold sauces.
  • Demonstrate techniques, terminology, and the creative process in the design of finished display pieces;
  • Develop the professionalism necessary for working successfully with subordinates, peers, supervisors, suppliers, customers and industry professionals;

Some courses may have prerequisites. Please see course descriptions in the catalog or online course search for details.

A minimum of 29 credits and 9 courses is required for completion. The same course may not be used as two different course requirements.

Additional Information
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