MA Real Estate License Renewal

Complete your 12 hours of Continuing Education requirements for only $79 per class!  Each class will be held at the Brockton Campus.

Course Descriptions:

Topics include real estate sales process, financing procedure, sources of funds, fiduciary and non-fiduciary sources of funds, secondary vs. primary lending market, government source of funds, types of mortgages, special financing methods, installment sales, sale-lease back, round lease, syndication, truth-in-lending, regulation Z, disclosure, right of rescission and advertising!

Brokerage Relationships
Topics include history of brokerage relationships; definition of basic terms in real estate brokerage; use of Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer disclosure; fiduciary; informed consent; vicarious liability; types of brokerage relations in Massachusetts; seller and buyer agency, dual and designated agency, alternative business models and much more!

Appraisal Process
Topics include Terms and concepts, purpose, history and development of the profession, value elements, environmental influences to value, economic variables to value, appraisal approach, cost approach, physical deterioration, functional obsolescence and economic obsolescence.

Investment Property
Topics include valuation of quality of cash flow stream for purchase and lending purposes; understanding and calculating the concepts of value, capitalization rates; what the investor wants in assessing the risk; definition and formula for the Band of Investment approach; importance of income stream as compared to ¿Brick and Mortar Approach¿ and much more!

Contract Law
Topics include elements of a valid real estate contract, assignment, notation, equitable vs. legal title, unenforceable vs. enforceable, buyer agency contract, elements of a listing contract, offer to purchase, acceptance, termination and more!

Topics include terms and concepts, condominium formation, master deed, unit deed, common areas, by-laws, condo fees, rules and regulations, closing requirements, condo financing, conversion, major conversion provision, time to vacate and more!

Residential Rental Agency
Topics include landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, security deposits, last month's rent, eviction for non-payment or possession, terminating the tenancy. Fair Housing Laws-Anti-discrimination, MGL Chapter 151B, MA Commission Against Discrimination, MGL Chapter 93A, de-leading, lead paint issues, MGL Chapter 111 and more!

Seller Agency
Topics include Agency Law history, changes and updates; how agency is established; responsibilities, liability and termination of agency; fiduciary responsibilities; agency options, definitions, and characteristics; obligations to client; disclosure to client and customer; compensation methods; other legal obligations and much more!

Lead Paint
The lead paint law has both State and Federal law requirements and is the most misunderstood law affecting property owners and real estate professionals. Topics include: history, requirements and timing of disclosure, buyer and/or tenants right to inspect, penalties for non-compliance and much more!

Title V
Topics include MA Title V regulation 310 CMR 15.00, inspection of existing system, required and non-required inspections, cesspool and septic tanks, change in ownership, additions, refinancing existing mortgage, residential systems, shared systems and more!

Fair Housing
Topics include the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 Title VIII and MGL Chapter 151B. Areas of coverage include protected classes, prohibited practices, property covered, housing not covered, enforcement and MCAD procedures and much more!

Buyer Agency
A review of the types of Agency creation of buyer agency relationship; contract provisions; compensation alternatives, termination of buyer agency; discovery and due diligence; law of agency, Lead Paint and Home Inspector laws and more!

General Law and Regulations
Topics include Commonwealth of Massachusetts License Law emphasizing documents/disclosure issues, general and agency representation disclosures, handling deposit monies, deposits at the creation of tenancies and contract for sale, license requirements, professional conduct, gifts and inducements, advertising, active/inactive license status bonding requirements. Anti-trust/illegal conduct and referrals will also be covered. Important relevant cases will be discussed and interpreted.

Chapter 93A
Topics include MGL Chapter 93A regulation of business practices for consumer protection, history, application of protection statue, propose and procedure, protecting consumer and encouraging settlement, disclosure and what must be disclosed, avoiding liability and much more!

About Our Instructor:
Robert A. Pacheco is a Professor of Real Estate studies and is the Director of The Real Estate Institute at Massasoit. Mr. Pacheco is an active Massachusetts Real Estate Broker and is a Certified Massachusetts Real Estate instructor.

Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Information
You must complete and submit in person a withdrawal form, which is available at any of our locations. Withdrawals before the start of the first class are granted a 100% refund. Withdrawals after the first class are refunded 0-50% depending on the length of the course.

Certain courses may be cancelled due to low registration. Enrolled students will be notified as soon as cancellation decisions are made. A full refund will be provided to students who have enrolled in a class that has been cancelled by Massasoit Community College.

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