Interior Design & Decoration

About our Program
This 35-hour certificate program is designed to provide a better understanding of the interior design and decoration business. This program is ideal for individuals interested in advancing or changing their careers, as well as the general public. This three course program consists of the following courses:

  • Basic Elements of Interior Design
  • Interior Design Color & Materials
  • Interior Design Room Layouts/Blueprints

Courses must be taken in sequential order

Basic Elements of Interior Design
This introductory course is an overview of interior design career options and all aspects of the business are presented, such as: Emphasis is placed on all aspects of furniture: history, evolution of period designs, types of wood, and current styles. Also, skills and tools of the trade are presented. Needed supplies will be discussed at the first class and cost approximately $25.

Interior Design Color & Materials
Participants learn the design and durability aspects of a variety of fabrics, upholsteries, window treatments, rugs, floor materials, brick, stone, laminates, table and counter tops, plants, and lighting options. Individual and team projects will be assigned, as well as a field trip to Jordan’s Furniture in Avon.

CRN: 26926 / Course: CSBU162 C2
Dates: March 5 - April 16, 2019
Days: Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m
Site: Canton Campus, Room C208
Cost: $289

For all other payment types, call
508-588-9100 x1310.

Interior Design Room Layouts/Blueprints
In this course, participants design and layout interior rooms, utilizing blueprints. Basic blueprinting skills are taught as they relate to the field of interior design.

CRN: 26927 / Course: CSBU163 C2
Dates: April 23 - May 21, 2019
Days: Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m
Site: Canton Campus, Room C208
Cost: $249

For all other payment types, call
508-588-9100 x1310.

Certificate of Completion
A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of all three courses.

About our Instructor:
Eileen Avidon is a professional interior designer credentialed at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Other Interior Design Courses:

Learn the Tricks of Staging a Home
Whether you are selling your home on your own or working with a Realtor, find out how to prepare a home for sale using up-to-date methods to make the home more appealing to buyers. Industry statistics say homes sell faster when they are professionally staged. In this course, you will learn how to use various techniques including, decluttering, rearranging furniture & accessories making simple adjustments to make a home more visually appealing to buyers. With these new skills, you could see quicker sales and higher returns.

CRN: 26928 / Course: CSBU165 C3
Dates: March 6, 2019
Days: Wednesday, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m
Site: Canton Campus, Room C208
Cost: $129

For all other payment types, call
508-588-9100 x1310.

Interior Design Standout Student
Debbie Gonsalves

Debbie Gonsalves

Debbie Gonsalves always had a knack for interior design, constantly helping family members design rooms in their homes.  She had considered a career in interior design but was a busy mom and couldn’t seem to fit an interior design training program into her busy schedule.  That was the case until Debbie found the Interior Design certificate program at Massasoit Community College.  The program was conveniently held on weeknights, after work.  It focused on the practical aspects of interior design with a lot of hands-on assignments.  It was exactly what Debbie had been looking for.

Through the program, Debbie gained the confidence needed to launch an exciting, new career.  She credits instructor, Eileen Avidon, with much of her success, stating: “Eileen is phenomenal.  She has over 30 year of experience and is extremely generous with her knowledge”.  The Interior Design certificate Debbie earned gave her a competitive edge in the job market.  In November 2017 she landed a Design Associate job with a major furniture chain and is loving her new career.

Looking down the road, Debbie would like to specialize in kitchen and bath design and maybe even own her own design business someday.  To students considering the Interior Design program at Massasoit, Debbie advises, “Do it!  The schedule at Massasoit is very convenient and the quality of instruction is excellent”.  Debbie has formed lasting friendships through the program.  She said it is something that has truly changed her life.

Withdrawal and Refund Information

To withdraw, you can visit the Registrar’s Office in Brockton, the Enrollment Center in Canton, or the main Office in Middleborough. Alternatively, you can: (1) send an email from your Massasoit email account to Registrar's Office email requesting withdrawal, or (2) send a fax to 508-427-1246 with your printed and signed name requesting withdrawal.

Withdrawals before the start of the first class are granted a 100% refund. Withdrawals after the first class are refunded 0-50% depending on the length of the course.

Parking Decals

There are designated parking lots available for students; however, a parking decal is required. If you do not have a decal, visit the Massasoit campus police with your drivers license, car registration and proof of course registration to complete a form and obtain your decal.


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