There are many ways to search for information about a college/university of your choice. Information regarding campus tours, financial aid, schools by state and the overall application process can be accessed below along with many other links of interest. 

Campus Tours
Interactive tours of college campuses.

College Board Big Future
This website allows you to search for schools based on factors such as location, major, financial aid, admissions selectivity, and religious affiliation.

This website allows you to research schools using a variety of criteria; major, location, and financial aid. This site calculates an estimate of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

College Navigator
This website allows you to search for schools using criteria such as major, location, cost, size, and religious affiliation.

Massachusetts Career Information System
This website allows you to research careers as well as search for schools using a variety of factors.

This website allows you to research schools based on major, location, financial aid, and admissions selectivity. This site ranks colleges in a variety of categories.  

U.S. News & World Report
This website ranks colleges nationwide using a variety of factors.

Historically Black Colleges & Universities
This website provides a list and information about some of the top HBCU’s.

Women’s Colleges
The Women’s College Coalition is a resource for those looking to research and apply to a Women’s college.

New England Board of Higher Education
This website provides information on the NEBHE tuition break program for New England students.

Common Application
The Common Application is an application utilized by many colleges and universities throughout the country.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
The FAFSA is the primary application for financial aid used throughout the country.

College Scholarship Service Profile
The CSS/Profile is a financial aid application used by many, especially private, colleges and universities nationwide.

American Student Assistance
ASA provides free college and career guidance as well as assistance with the FAFSA and the CSS/Profile. ASA has an office in Brockton.

This link is a financial aid calculator for a specific group of colleges.